Are you bored?

Caught in a rut?
Stuck in a routine? Depressed?

Looking to add variety and some spice to your life?

In need of change?
Adventures? Excitement?

Ready to explore?
Feel more alive? Grow?

Add Depth and Layers to your story.

Skydiving for the first time


How it works


It’s easy and incredibly impactful to add firsts to your life!! New experiences are key to increasing your creativity, cognitive abilities and fluid intelligence, becoming more open minded, confident and spontaneous, and even battling diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Accept this challenge and you’ll inject all sorts of new possibilities and potential into being. Start having exciting stories worth sharing!

Step 2


Read the Rules of Engagement (ROEs), download the App, create an account, select your categories of interest and start swiping to make your list!!

Step 3

See no evil monkey

Once you swipe “Yes” on a first – assign a timeline to it to help keep you accountable. You can do it at your own pace and comfort level. Do one new first every day, every other day, week, or month. Up to you. It’s not a race, it’s a journey.

Step 4


Capture. Document. And Share your experiences #365FirstsChallenge every chance you have! Have fun with it!!


Rules of Engagement

Curious face

Be curious.

Be curious, open-minded, creative, and commited.

Angel face

Be nice.

Do not purposely embarrass, hurt, or offend anyone.

No alcohol or drugs

No drugs.

Do not take drugs and alcohol in order to have the courage to do a first.

Calm, hugging face

No pressure.

Do not dare or pressure yourself or others into doing a first. Don’t do anything against your will.

Student face


Take the good experiences with the bad ones—they’re all opportunities to grow, learn, and explore who you are.

Gesturing no

No harm.

Do not do anything illegal, immoral (in accordance to your code of conduct) or harmful to yourself physically, emotionally, or in anyway.

Supportive handshake


Engage to support, motivate, and encourage yourself and others around you.



Capture. Document. And Share your experiences #365FirstsChallenge every chance you have!


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