10 Reasons to Do the #365FirstsChallenge

If you’re already sign-up for the #365FirstsChallenge, congratulations, you’ve already figured out there will be amazing benefits to doing this challenge. Your next step, as stated in the Starter Guide, is to get more specific in identifying and personalizing your specific why for doing the challenge. This post might help you in doing that.

If you haven’t signed-up yet, let me tell you why you need to!!

Ten Reasons to Do the #365FirstChallenge

Ten Reasons to do the #365firstsChallenge
Be Childlike Again
Be Childlike again with first times by doing the #365FirstsChallenge
Be Childlike by doing first times

When we’re young life is about discovering, growing, learning, exploring, and experimenting.  We approach it with awe, wonder, and hope. But then we experience disappointment, setbacks, failures, limitations, pressure, stress, and pain. We’re told about growing up, responsibilities, dos and don’ts, and so much more that it all either shrinks our childlike mindset towards life or it completely crushes it and turns life into something entirely different: a chore, routine, rut, or even a drain.

Suicide rates, drug use, depression, loneliness—the many destructive byproducts of living make it clear—life is not something that is being treasured, enjoyed, or maximized.

How can you get a new outlook and perspective on life?

Do you have children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren? Do you enjoy doing new things with them and sharing in their reactions? It’s precious to teach a child something new and share in their discoveries. But what says that as an adult, it’s over for you, and you can’t keep having new experiences and be childlike again? I believe in never growing up. Maturing, yes. But not growing up and losing the ability to be surprised, amazed, entertained, and engaged by and with life.

The #365FirstsChallenge is about reconnecting with your childlike mindset and returning to a place where you are curious, eager for new things, and open to what life has to offer.

The Cure for Boredom


Humans are creatures of habits and we’re that way for a variety of evolutionary reasons and for our very survival; however, throughout history it’s also been deadly to many who chose to not evolve, relocate, explore, learn, and grow. In our society today, particularly in developed countries—there truly are no real reasons to breakout of our habits and routines, except for one: boredom.

Boredom runs high in people’s lives and is costly. Boredom has been linked to increased drug and alcohol abuse, overeating, depression and anxiety, stress, and an increased risk of making mistakes—bored people do stupid shit.

One of my primary reason for constantly seeking new firsts is to ensure I don’t get bored. I bore easily and I hate being bored. My state of being is negatively affected by boredom.

Signup for, committing to, and doing the #365FirstsChallenge will end your boredom. You’ll set up many different ways to keep yourself entertained, challenged, active, and engaged in having fun and learning.

Bring an end to boredom with the #365firstschallenge

The process of coming up with and executing #365Firsts will be a wonderful journey of self-discovery. You’ll uncover all sorts of likes, dislikes, interests, passions, talents, beliefs, thoughts, comfort zones, limitations, fears, and strengths and weaknesses.

Uncover who you are with first times through the #365firstschallenge
Learn and Grow

Much like the process of self-discovery, doing the #365FirstsChallenge is going to be an awesome learning and growing experience for you. After all, you’re trying new things!

Create Change
Change with the #365firtschallenge become more spontaneous, creative, open minded, adventurous and confident
What are you waiting for?

As you become more self-aware, start learning and growing; you’ll also find yourself changing. You’re very likely to become more spontaneous, active, outgoing, creative, open minded, adventurous, and confident.

Open up New Opportunities

Doing new things means you’ll find yourself in new places, meeting different people, taking varied actions and learning—those are all catalysts to creating and having new opportunities. Who knows what those new opportunities will then end up bringing into your life!! More money. Love.

Become More Interesting – Better Stories


When you choose to live your life unlike others, you automatically become more interesting and this is certainly true when you take on a challenge to experience a wide variety of firsts! You’ll have stories of triumph, failures, adventures, discoveries, lessons learned…and so much more.

Source of Motivation and Excitement

It can get tough to get out of bed when you have nothing to look forward to or nothing going on in your life. The #365FirstChallenge will give you many reasons to get excited, motivated, and look forward to things.

Learn to Plan and Execute
Get better at planning and executing with the #365firstschallenge

Three out of the five types of firsts require that you either possess the ability to plan and/or you’ll have to learn how. If you already know how to plan—the #365FirstChallenge will enhance your planning skills but also your abilities to execute.  You gotta follow through. It’s when you actually execute something you’ve planned that you find out how good or bad your planning skills are.

Squeeze More out of Life

I don’t know what your current trajectory for having a full life is if you choose to not do the #365FirstsChallenge. However, I do know for sure, though, that if you choose to do it; you’ll learn and get to squeeze a great deal more out of life—not just during the challenge but also once you’ve completed the challenge. I know this because of how much it will teach you about seeking new things, being spontaneous, embracing change, and pursuing the unknown.

You get all this for FREE!!

Do you have something different as a reason why you’re doing this challenge? How are you going to personalize this list to make it more relevant to you? Leave a comment and let me know!

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