Capture the Making of Your New Reality

Life as we have known it is being interrupted in ways never experienced in our lifetimes. Yes, absolutely, the events of 9/11 and the years after impacted life as we knew it, as well, for some much more than others. We lost many lives taking actions to protect our way of life, but still today, the possibilities of terrorist attacks are still part of our new normal, as are, the many policy changes and security measures. 

Military mobilization against an enemy is a burden mostly carried by a small portion of the population. What is impacting our way of life today is touching everyone and requires sacrifices and actions from all human beings on planet earth. However, and unfortunately, not everyone has wrapped their heads around that. 

I do want to also acknowledge and thank those in the medical field and first responders as they are taking a much greater portion of the burden upon themselves. 

Please read this post from the intent it is written. It is not written to address those who are battling the coronavirus and fighting for their lives or for those suffering from the loss of love ones to this horrible disease.  

This is to all who are impacted by changes this pandemic has brought into our lives who MUST do their part to help fight against it, but who are in fact, not themselves, at great risks. 

Your reality is changing but you do have ways to impact HOW and WHO you’ll become as a result of it. 

You are the sums of your experiences. Everything you have experienced and lived through has shaped who you are today. How you change, grow, improve, and add to who you are is through new experiences. I created the #365FirstsChallenge to help you choose, select, and be mindful and aware of how new experiences and first times shape who you become so you can be strategic, purposeful, and active in the process. 

The Journey of First Times and New Experiences is an incredible self-development process. 

But since life, circumstances, and the events surrounding the coronavirus has shifted all of us into a new reality, not of our choosing, it makes understanding the concept of first times and new experiences as a self-development process even direr so that you get a say in how it’s going to shape you.

Capture the Making of Your New Reality

Odds are you have already begun to encounter new experiences, first times, and changes. 

  • First time working from home
  • First time having to homeschool your children
  • First going into a grocery store and seeing empty shelves and not being to get what you need.
  • First time making hand sanitizer
  • First time not being able to go out to eat and for entertainment
  • First time having to stay away from people
  • First time having so many cancellations
  • First time having so much time on your hands while stuck at home

You are in a world of first times and new experiences. 

All of these first times and experiences are adding to the sum of who you are. Do you see how you need to be keenly aware of them and embark on the journey to decide where it will lead you?

The key is to use this journey to become a better version of yourself. You have opportunities to raise your self-awareness, get more creative, improve your cognitive abilities, face your fears, have more grit and confidence, master your thought process, work on your self-talk, and develop a greater growth-mindest, just to name a few things. 

Join the Movement

Join the Start Your Journey and  #365FirstsChallenge Movement to get the help, support, and encouragement you need. 

Joining is easy. Join us every day for a live broadcast on the #365FirstsChallenge Facebook Page where Next Level Firsts Coaches and other guests are going to talk about how to not just cope but thrive in these new times. 

Stay tuned-in to this blog, the #365Firsts Podcast, and other social media platforms for tips, advice, pointers and encouragement.

Be active in capturing, documenting, and sharing how you new reality is shaping out by using the #365FirstsChallenge hashtag. Share how the first times and new experiences are impacting you, what they’re making you feel, think, and how you are choosing to react and implement them into your life.

Go after first times and new experiences of YOUR choosing. Check-out the post How to Enjoy Your Quarantine with the #365FirstsChallenge to find out how.  and download the App.

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