#ChoreFirsts Master List

#ChoreFirsts Category

#ChoreFirsts are any and all things related to doing chores.

Checkout the list. Mark off what you’ve already experienced and select those you haven’t for your #365FirstsChallenge List.

  1. Cleaning windows
  2. Sweeping Floors
  3. Mopping Floors
  4. Waxing Floors
  5. Dusting
  6. Vacuuming
  7. Doing Laundry
  8. Ironing
  9. Dry Cleaning
  10. Clean the Toilet
  11. Clean the Sink
  12. Clean the Shower/Bathtub
  13. Clean the Stove
  14. Clean the Oven
  15. Wash bedding
  16. Water the Plants
  17. Mow the Lawn
  18. Pull weeds
  19. Take out the Trash
  20. Wash the Car
  21. Clean the Fridge
  22. Clean the Blinds/Curtains
  23. Shampoo the Carpets
  24. Clean Garage
  25. Prune Trees and Shrubs
  26. Change Air Filters on Furnace or Air Conditioner
  27. Change Batteries in Smoke Detectors
  28. Do the Dishes
  29. Make the Bed
  30. Clean Out Gutters

What are your recommendations? Leave a message. What should be added?

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