Episode 1 – #365Firsts Podcast

In the first episode of #365Firsts Podcast, I start out by celebrating the fact that doing my first episode is a first for me 🎉🎉. I then spend a little bit of time telling you about myself. I share the highlights of the back story of what’s gotten me here—how an event that occurred when I was nine years old set me on a course of not only facing my fears but chasing after them. I discuss how failures led to me living my adventures, pursuing new experiences, and living the life I’d always imagined for myself. I get to the reason why I’m doing the business #365Firsts and the impact I’m hoping to make in your lives.

I also share about 30 current firsts that are on my list. It’s a list that’s expanded since then, so every few shows, I’ll be sure to add to the list and also let you know, what, if any, spontaneous firsts happened in the past week.

Of course…that doesn’t work if I pre-record 🤔😏.

Since this was my first episode, it took me over 5 hours to record it (20 minutes of material). It’s a lesson I discussed in this episode. First Podcast is likely to be the toughest one to produce. As I get better—they will take less time.

What did you think about the first episode? Is there anything you want me to tell you more about myself in future episodes? Did I forget any lessons about first times? Leave a comment and let me know!

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