Episode 5 – #365Firsts Podcast

The World of Adventure of My First Mountain Bike

In Episode 5 of the #365Firsts Podcast, I talk about the one thing to impact, change, and improve my life in the most significant and incredible ways—getting my first mountain bike. 🚵‍♀️

I discuss how I came about getting my first mountain bike and all the ways it open up my world and lead me to amazing adventures. 🤩🐱‍🏍

I open up the show with catching you up a couple recent firsts—to include getting sued for the first time…😯😣

I chat about how it was a bit overwhelming doing research before buying my first mountain bike and I pause to cover how this is a big reason why people don’t get started with doing new things—they’re scared of being newbies…😬😨

I tell you a bit about three major week long trips I took on a bike…🚴‍♀️🚵‍♂️

And then I tell you why mountain biking will forever be something I do and the other firsts I’m sure it will bring…👍👏

Pictures from the trip around Lake Constance
Pictures from the Morocco High Atlas Mountain Bike Trip
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