Expert Advice Before Your First Time Doing Animal Reiki

Expert Advice Before Your First Time Doing Animal Reiki

Welcome to the #365Firsts Podcast and the Expert Advice Before Your First Time Series. The show aims to encourage, prepare, and inspire you to do things you’ve never done before and complete your #365FirstsChallenge list. 

In each episode of this series, we give you tips and advice to set you up for success, for specific firsts and new experiences. The guests and topics are as varied as the options and possibilities of new experiences. 

Whether you’re trying to learn a new skill, improve your health and happiness, work on your self-development, add excitement and adventure to your life, or simply have first times, you’re going to love our podcast.

In This Episode

One of the driving forces behind this show is the desire to bring our audience something new. We love bringing you episodes on topics that you might not have heard of before – and even episodes on topics that we haven’t heard of before. Today, we’re looking at a topic that was just as new to us as it might be to some of you. If you’re somebody who loves animals, pets and spiritual healing, this is going to be the one for you. 

In this episode, we’re looking at animal reiki and what it can do for both humans and animals. We’re looking at what you need to know about doing it for the first time, and are lucky enough to be joined by a bonafide expert in the field who has a mountain of experience to share. 

The Guest Expert

Our guest expert today is Jamie Lee, who has over 18 years of experience with Reiki. 

She’s certified in teaching the elite ‘Let Animals Lead’ method. Jamie founded the organization Animal Bonds, to elevate the lives of animals by helping people to understand and honor their natural wisdom. Jamie is a big believer in the idea that animals enlighten us spiritually through our experiences with them.

Jamie is very active in the local animal rescue scene. She provides pro-bono Reiki services to animal rescue groups, shelters and sanctuaries. She also provides Reiki Session scholarships for other animal rescuers, to help them to continue the important work of saving animal’s lives.

She is a member of Shibumi, the International Reiki Association and the Shelter Animal Reiki Association. Jamie is also on the Board of Directors for Windy’s Ranch and Rescue Animal Sanctuary in Overton, NV. At the sanctuary, they specialize in rescuing potbellied pigs and other farm animals. 

As you can see, Jamie is the best person to speak to about all things animal rescue and Reiki, and she has some wonderful experiences to share.

What You Need To Know About Doing Animal Reiki For The First Time

Jamie started off the episode by discussing her experiences with animals growing up, and how a devastating flash flood led her to discover the healing power of animals. The trauma of losing everything in the flood took a real toll on Jamie, and her loved ones gave her a tiny Siamese kitten for her birthday as a way to help her heal emotionally.

Jamie then went on to discuss reiki in more detail, and defined it as the Japanese word for ‘spiritual energy’. She noted that it involves focus energy, intention and meditation, with a focus on wellness and healing. The healing elements of reiki cover both physical and mental healing. 

Then, Jamie noted that she learned reiki from a friend who was enduring harsh, experimental therapies for stage 4 ovarian cancer. She worked with friends and family using her reiki techniques, and noted that something felt like it was missing – which is where animals and the Let Animals Lead method came in.

How to Get Started with Animal Reiki

When it comes to animal reiki, it does not matter what kind of pet or animal a person has. Jamie noted that it works for any type of living being.

To get started with animal reiki, Jamie pointed out that you can work with an expert, or learn it from a teacher and start doing it yourself. There are ways of learning it while abiding by social distancing requirements, too. However, it’s important the person you’re hiring has a good understanding of animal reiki specifically, as the techniques are different. 

Animal reiki sessions should always be done in an environment where an animal is comfortable, and at a time where the animal isn’t normally over-excited e.g. not around mealtimes. 

A typical session might start with the person going through a guided meditation, and the trainer observing the animal’s reactions to this. The typical calming effects of meditation can also be observed in animals, which is great to see.

The Benefit of Animal Reiki

Jamie noted that animal reiki never does any harm – it just supports well-being. She compared it to humans going for massages or spa treatments. It can be used to support healthy animals, but it can also be used to help out with animals who experience pain, anxiety or sickness. Reiki can help an animal to relax and mitigate pain. 

Reiki can also be used to help animals who have behavioral issues, but additional training might also be needed. Behavioral issues in pets can often take place due to behavioral mirroring, which can be hard for people to hear. The main thing that reiki brings in is a calm and safe environment for animals to calm down.

Learning Animal Reiki

In terms of learning animal reiki, Jamie described how it can normally take a few days to cover everything from the concepts to the practices. Training involves learning how to practice reiki on oneself, on others and eventually, with pets and animals. Jamie acknowledged that the last part of the training involves learning from the animals, instead of ‘working on’ them.

Meditation is an important part of Reiki, but Jamie noted there are multiple forms of meditation to be aware of. If you’re somebody that can’t sit down and meditate traditionally, there are other forms like walking meditation that you can try out. 

There is a code of ethics that most practitioners like Jamie follow during animal reiki. They follow the Let Animals Lead practice, where animals are treated with the utmost respect and as partners. The animals are always in charge of their own healing sessions, and they can dictate whether they are touched or how long the session is. 

Generally speaking, animal reiki is a wonderful practice that revolves around viewing animals as perfect and spiritually healing. If you’re somebody who loves animals and is interested in learning more about this, we’d definitely recommend checking it out.

Get In Touch With Jamie

We had a great time recording this episode and speaking to Jamie about her work. If you would like to get in touch with Jamie, her website is and her social media links are as follows;

If you have any questions about Jamie’s work or her appearance on the episode, we’re sure that she would be more than happy to chat with you.

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