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In This Episode

Spring is approaching fast, and it’s the perfect time to start planning trips and adventures. It’s the best time of year to start booking tickets for new events too, especially if one of the main things you want to try out this year is going to a music festival.

Music festivals are intense and vibrant, and there are countless different genres to suit every type of festival-goer. They’re fun and full-on, and can play host to everything from incredible music acts to comedians, and delicious food to funfair rides.

Today, we’re joined by an expert who has years of experience with attending music festivals. Adrianna Ramos, more commonly known as Ade, joined us to discuss the beautiful nature of music festivals and how to prepare to attend a festival for the first time to ensure you have the best experience possible!

The Guest Expert 

Ade uses her festival and music knowledge in her YouTube show ‘Vibe With Ade’, which she started back in September of 2017. Her show is dedicated to festivals and music lovers, and contains exclusive guides with information on the latest and greatest festivals all across the States.

She makes intriguing daily vlogs and fashion lookbooks. She also creates guides on attending specific music festivals, including EDC, Austin City Limits and Electric Forest, which are certainly worth checking out. You can tell how much she loves going to music festivals, so she’s the perfect guest to have on this episode.

She also has a fantastic blog, called – where she posts everything from handy reviews and hauls, to tips, tricks and how-to guides for the avid music fan.

What You Need To Know About Your First Music Festival

Ade started off the podcast by sharing her first ever festival experience back in 2015, at an EDM festival. It didn’t go quite to plan, she had to leave the festival early, and unfortunately, didn’t even get to see the acts she wanted to see.

But she tried again, the following New Years Eve at Decadence Arizona, and that changed her perspective on the whole music scene, and kick started her love for music festivals.

First thing First, Pick the Right Festival for You

To start off with, Ade noted that selecting the right festival for you is one of the most important steps. Check out whether there are any major festivals in your state to start, and see whether the music style fits you. Look into the lineup, the location, and the costs as well. Multi-genre festivals can be ideal if you enjoy lots of different types of music.

Proper Planning is Key to Having the Best Experience

Planning beforehand is a vital step – don’t leave it til the last minute. Pick the right transportation mode, and make sure to give yourself enough time to travel to the festival. Make sure you know where you’re staying, and how you’re going to get from your accommodations to the music festival. 

If she can, Ade always wants to arrive the day before the festival, so she can settle in, unpack, and then locate a store to buy snacks, alcohol, and meals to fuel herself throughout the festival. This helps to save money and ensures you have everything you need.

She also recommended getting a good night’s sleep so you’re fully rested for the festivities. Pre-party events can be fun, but being fully rested can make all the difference on the day of the event.

On the first day, you’re going to want to have a plan of where you want to be during the festival. Check out the set list, and make sure you know where the stages are. Give yourself enough time to get through security and find a great spot before the show starts. If you want to get a barrier spot in the front, make sure to grab this spot a couple of hours before the set even starts.

Ade shared the advice to look for spots either to the left or right of the stage, since often times, a sound booth is located in the middle, blocking the view.

Ade encouraged listeners to not worry too much about their fashion and needing to dress-up, especially listeners who have never been to a festival before. Dress for comfort first and fashion second, consider the weather and always bring shoes you can last the festival in – will you be dancing, doing a lot of walking, and standing?

Try to plan ahead with your fashion and packing to not forget anything and ensure nothing interferes with you having the best time possible!

Go with Friends and/or Meet New People

Ade agrees going to festivals with friends can be a lot of fun, but going by yourself can be interesting as well. She suggested an app called Radiate, which is a meet-up festival app that can help you meet more people at local events and gigs.

Apps like Radiate and social media platforms in general are fantastic for meeting new people at festivals, and Ade encouraged everyone to consider solo festivals – as they can result in having a whole new array of friends afterwards.

How to Be and Stay Safe

The conversation then moved to the topic of safety at festivals, specifically for women attending festivals. Ade discussed how situational awareness is a must at festivals, and how she will always scope out the entry, exits, water stations, medics, security hubs, bathrooms and information pods. It may seem morbid to consider these things, but it’s very important to do this. 

Staying hydrated and fed is essential at festivals, too – all the dancing and walking can become exhausting over a long weekend and it’s vital to keep an eye on yourself and your friends. Ade’s general advice was that if something feels wrong or something is off, it’s important to get to the right person and see a medic/security/the safety team. Don’t be afraid of getting into trouble – your safety is the most important thing to consider.

It’s worth being wary of thieves at festivals, too. Festival bags, secure pockets and hidden pockets in clothes are really helpful. A useful tip Ade brought up was to change your phone lockscreen to ‘if lost, call ______’ with a friend’s mobile number in case you lose your phone and it’s recovered.

Final Piece of Advice

Ade’s final piece of advice was to liberate yourself and get off your phone while you’re at a festival and to just embrace going with the flow. Don’t get caught up in social media posts or schedules – be open minded and aware, and enjoy every minute.

Get In Touch With Ade

This was a education episode to record and we had a lot of fun talking to Ade. If you want to check out what Ade does, her website is Ade’s social media links are as follows;

If you’re looking to find out more about music festivals and prepare yourself for your first time, we’d definitely recommend reaching out to Ade or enjoying some of her content.

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What’s Coming Up Next Time?

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