Frenquently Asked Questions

What is the #365FirstsChallenge?

The #365FirstsChallenge is journey of adding new experiences, actions, and things into your life—that you’ve never done before. It’s a process of enhancing the way you live and squeezing all that you can out of life. Experiencing a wide mixtures of firsts will impact who you are and shape how you continue to live your life. It’s about change and stepping into the unknown. Reconnecting with your childlike mindset. Opening your mind, tapping in your creativity, self-discovery, stepping out of your comfort zones, facing you fears, learning, and growing.

Who is the #365FirstsChallenge for?

Anyone. You’re never too old to add new things into your life and welcome change. If you’re in your 20s, 30s and 40s –you’re wasting your life by conforming, staying in your comfort zones, and having a limited mindset. Also doesn’t matter if you’re already a wild adventurer or you have extreme aversion to change and new things—there’s something for you in this challenge and you have something to offer to others doing the challenge.

Why 365?

365 is number we all recognize and a meaningful point of reference. We all know it’s related to 365 days which is the span of a year. I wanted it to be a familiar number but not a number that was too small or too big. You don’t have to do all your firsts in 365 days (although possible) – but no matter how long it takes, it will be significant to you.

Does it cost anything to do the #365FirstsChallenge?

No. It does not. The #365FirstsChallenge mobile application is absolutely FREE!

Why should I get the newsletter?

The newsletter is pack full of information to help you get started with the Challenge and stick with it. We will also communicate updates being made to improve the applications, contests, and new Meetup Groups as they launched in new cities.

Why are there Rules of Engagements?

Two reasons. 1. To ensure people don’t ruin this challenge or give it a bad name. If someone isn’t following the ROEs, I technically can’t do anything to them; however, other participants will also know – they are not truly part of the community or following the spirit/intent of the challenge. 2. For safety, precaution, and to ensure you take doing this challenge seriously. It’s a way to commit.

Is the #365FirstsChallenge like having a bucket list?

It is not. Please read ‘Why Firsts and Not a Bucket List’ to understand the differences.

What are the #365FirstsChallenge Meetup Groups?

The #365FistsChallenge Meetup Groups are run by Next Level Firsts Coaches to bring people together in your local area to have first times and new experiences together.



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