Fun Way to Stay Connected and Get To Know Each Other With First Time Storytelling

Our abilities to see our friends and family are all but gone – for good reasons – to keep each and everyone safe and healthy. However, it SUCKS!!

The advancement of technology makes creating and maintaining social distancing more bearable because we can all still see each other on our phones, tablets, and computers. 

However, it’s fair to say it’s not the same and since we are all stuck at home, the conversation topics have the possibilities of getting rather lame. Especially, if you aren’t making the most of your quarantine by adding first times and new experiences to your life. 

The key to keeping the best possible outlook, attitude, and mindset through this crisis is to NOT get on video calls to discuss how much things suck, rehash the news, amplify your fears, concerns, and anxiety, or complain about how others are or are not behaving and what they’re doing.

And sure, while you can discuss the latest show you’re binge-watching, I personally fail to see how that’s going to bring you closer to the people in your life.

I have an alternative and fun proposal for everyone.

Stay Connected and Get To Know Each Other with First Time Storytelling

We are the sum of our experiences. You are who you are today because of all your past experiences and how those experiences have impacted and shaped you. 

You, yes, YOU….all of you have stories to tell of the many first times in your life and what you gained, learned, and experienced because of them. 

We have amazing technology today, but we have lost communication skills and the ability to tell stories to entertain, engage, and share who we are. 

Let’s seize this coronavirus crisis to bring back the art of storytelling and getting to know each other on deeper levels. 

How to Participate in the First Time Storytelling 

You can select the platform of your choosing to do this. You can do Facebook or Instagram Live broadcasts if you want to share with a broader audience. 

However, I would recommend using the Marco Polo App, creating a tight-knit group of people you love and trust, so that you can really feel comfortable opening up, getting vulnerable, and sharing with them.

If you’re not familiar with Marco Polo it allows you to create groups and record messages. You can watch the messages live or at your earliest convenience. This offers you the flexibility to record your first time story at your own leisure versus having a set call time. It also gives you the opportunity to watch and listen to the other members’ stories as they are recorded or throughout the day. 

Daily First Time Stories Prompts

Every day, starting Monday, March 23rd on the #365FirstsChallenge social media accounts (listed below) we will post a new prompt. 

Example of prompts to come: First time you rode a bike, first time you danced with someone, first job, first time you failed at something, first time you got drunk, first time you fell in love, first time you got in trouble with your parents etc. 

The prompts will vary day to day from fun and light to deeper and more personal. It’s entirely up to you which stories you choose to tell.

#365FirstsChallenge Twitter 

#365FirstsChallenge Instagram

#365FirstsChallenge Facebook Page

We also welcome all of you to message and DM us prompts!! 

Go beyond just staying connected and make the best out of a crisis situation by growing closer to your friends and family through the sharing of first times stories!! 

Get Ready to Get Started

  1. Download the Marco Polo App available on Apple and Google Playstore
  2. Reach out to your friends and family to create your group
  3. Choose and follow one of the #365FirstsChallenge social media account to start getting the prompts!!

For inspiration, I invite you to listen to my First Time Stories on the #365Firsts Podcast, which is available on all major podcast providers.

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