How to Embrace all that Life Has to Offer

There’s a critical relationship you might be neglecting that I want you to spend some time thinking about before we head into 2020 – and that’s your relationship with life.

I spent most of my life in a negative relationship with life itself. Life was something to master, tame, and control. Life was a series of musts, todos, checklists, steps, accomplishments, and phases to go through.

As crazy as it might sound, I felt like…life was what stood in the way to what I wanted and felt I deserved. Life was not my friend and it certainly wasn’t out to help me. 

Over many years, the darkness deepened and engulfed me with each struggle and failure I experienced; professionally, in business, and in my personal life. While I appeared on the outside like I was a survivor and nothing could stop me — inside, I was drowning in pain and hating how difficult life was. Life was a miserable chore. I became exhausted and couldn’t see how I would ever catch a break. 

I was depressed and suicidal.

What do you think about life? How do you feel about it? Can you relate to how I used to feel?

This is something I wrote at Christmas to get you to think about life. 


I want you to awaken to who I am.

As air fills your lungs, molecules, atoms, cells, tissues, and organs work in unison for you to exist. 

But you were not created to simply be. That is not enough – you know this to be the truth. 

I am life. You are here to experience me. To know me. To take pleasure in me. 

I am life. I am your teacher, guide, and source of everything you need, want, and desire.

I am life. I am not work, a chore, a struggle, or something to get through.

I am life. I am not typical, worthless, or meaningless.

I am life. I am not out to hurt or disappoint you, cause you pain, or sorrow.

I am life. A precious gift given to you that you shouldn’t so easily take for granted. 

I am life. How well do you live me? Do you dare to love, embrace, and truly know me?

I am life. Why do you ignore me, drown me, and numb me out?

I am life. I am full of beauty, wonder, and magic

I am life. I am special, priceless, and ticking away.

I am life. I afford you opportunities, chances, and do-overs. Do you take advantage of them?    

I am life. Get to know me. Take hold of me. Live me freely and fully.

Creating a Positive Relationship with Life

My outlook on life and relationship with it shifted drastically when I stopped battling it, and instead, chose to see what it had to offer and how it could help to shape me. I went from having things going wrong all the time and being a constant struggle to choosing experiences to add value, perspective, adventures, and discoveries to my life. Instead of thinking things were happening to me – I adopted the belief they were happening for me

I made life and the process of living my BFF (Best Friend Forever). 

I focused on pursuing things for the sake of self-growth, improvement, learning and having fun – which not only added to who I was, but also provided me with a plethora of other benefits to include joy, happiness, contentment, knowledge, experience, and financial gains.

It’s almost impossible to see the beauty, magic, and meaning/point of being alive when you’re caught in the rat race of trying to make it, survive, or are blinded by acquiring possessions, status, achievements, and accolades. 

I understand being ambitious, driven, and obsessed by a vision and purpose, but there’s little meaning in being that way; if it doesn’t change, grow, and improve who you are as a human being – if it doesn’t bring you joy, peace, and contentment.

I went from often losing the will to live (having suicidal thoughts) to being a pro at living life to the fullest and treasuring it. 

A positive relationship with life also improved all of my relationships to include the one with myself. 

Embrace Life by Discovering It

The way to embrace life fully is to discover all that it has to offer. If you stay in your comfort zones and limited mindset – you’ll never get to know and benefit from all that life has to offer. 

The transformation took place for me when I started my Journey of First Times and New Experiences. Life opened up in a beautiful and intense way revealing what it was about and had to offer. So many things shifted for me from that point on. 

What’s keeping you from starting your Journey of First Times and New Experiences?

I Am Life Poem
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