How to Prepare for the Unexpected

Preparation is key when it comes to successful first times. However, there are some events you don’t plan to happen. The unexpected is inevitable, you just don’t know what it will be or when it will happen, good or bad.

If you read my past blog about my first time expecting I mentioned I lost $500. Well, here’s the story about this unexpected first.

Fun at My First Baby Shower

It was the day of my baby shower and I went to the bank to withdraw some cash for my half of the rent. My intention was to pick up a money order from the local 7-Eleven convenience store later on that day, after the party. The bank closed early on Saturdays which was why I retrieved the money early. There was a lot of excitement about seeing family and friends who would shower my child with necessities and gifts. 

The cash envelope was stored in my purse for later on-the-go retrieval. Being 34 weeks pregnant, I wobbled on to the anticipated event. The baby shower for our Amari went well. Good food, fun games, and blessed with wonderful gifts. One of the highlights was that I got TWO diaper genies! One of which I gave to my sister who was expecting as well. This planned first, not planned entirely by me per se, but a fun first for me all the more, went without a hitch. That was until it was time to get my money order.

the unexpected

After the Party…

Leaving the event, we were near the convenience store. So we get there, park the car, and I search through my purse for the cash envelope. It’s not there. I panic a little and tell my boyfriend that we have to go back to the recreation center where the event took place. Maybe I left it there or it fell out of my purse. The cleanup crew is there and we ask if anyone’s seen a bank envelope with cash. We trace our steps and check the trash. Nothing.

The only other place it could be was at home so we head there. I’m tearing the place up and down looking for the cash, and now, I’m in a real panic. I’ve never misplaced a big amount of money like this before. I’ve never missed paying rent. This was so unexpected and so not fair!

After my boyfriend brought the gifts inside, I looked through those too for good measure. Not one bill. Someone got a nice payday is all I could think from that point. My next thought was, would someone really steal from a pregnant lady?

Overcoming Panic and Frustration

Losing the money was definitely an upsetting situation, but being pregnant I had to calm myself down. There was a solution. In my savings, I had a small amount of money set aside left by my grandmother. I didn’t have a concrete plan for it, so I decided I would use some of it for my half of the rent. I didn’t want to use it, but I was grateful I had it.

The next time I went to the bank, I got a cashier’s check. From that day forward, I spent a little extra to get my part of the rent from the bank instead of carrying cash around and using a convenience store. I didn’t want to lose any more money. Having savings stashed away saved me, so I’ve valued having an emergency fund.

One Way to Plan for the Unexpected

While it doesn’t apply to all, the vast majority of unexpected firsts, cost money. Therefore, one way to plan for and be ready for the unexpected is to add saving your first $1000 in case of emergencies to your #365FirstsChallenge list. Leverage the #365FirstsChallenge to prepare yourself!!

If you already have $1000 stashed, add first time saving 6 months expenses to your list. How much would that be?

Your Turn

What other firsts can you think of to prepare yourself for the unexpected? Have you experienced any unexpected firsts? What did you learn from them? Have you ever lost money? How did you overcome it? We want to hear all about it in our Facebook group!

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