How to Set Your Intentions for Your First Times

When practicing Yoga, the instructor usually invites us to ask ourselves a simple question; “What is your intention?”

It is simple but powerful. I have found it reminds me to set an aim that guides my actions. It gives me a starting point to anchor my practice which I can always come back to.

Due to COVID-19, my Yoga studio has been closed, but this one question has allowed me to keep practicing. Each time I bring myself to my mat I have asked myself this question. The answers vary day by day.

Sometimes it’s just to be aware of my breath, other times it’s to just sit and be patient, other times it’s to just to go with the flow, but often times, it’s to just play.

What is my intention of telling you all this?

Setting and living your intentions allows you to focus on who you are in the moment based on the vision of who you want to be. Daily intentions help provide a roadmap and reminder for how to live the day.

I give intentions to just about everything I do starting with when my eyes open in the morning, to eating, conversing with people, into the activities I do and even what I choose to watch, read, and listen to.

It has allowed me to adjust more quickly to the uncertainties of the times we are all facing and adapt as normal continues to shift and change. My intentions give me purpose, as well as inspire and motivate me to fulfill that purpose.

As I set my intentions on continuing to grow, learn, explore and discover all that life has to offer – I welcome, seek, and embrace novelty, new experiences, and all the things I’ve never done before.

How can setting intentions help you have more first times?

Voicing intentions will take your mind off the perceived problems and limitations, allowing you to embrace a new experience, challenge, and thing you’ve never done more freely.

If you notice some trepidation, anxiety, or fear around something, setting your intention allows you to shift your perspective. You want to purposely decide how you want something to feel and know the meaning for you doing it.

To do what you’ve never done before to be who you always wanted to be it matters to have a vision of who you are aiming to be to align your intentions with that version of yourself.

The Journey of First Times and New Experiences has many benefits and ways that it can help you grow…and therefore many intentions for you to leverage and connect with.

Alright…How Do I Set an Intention?

  1. Choose a first time or new experience you want to set the intention for.
    1. What’s something on your #365FirstsChallenge list? Or in what areas of your life are you trying new things to expand and grow? Or what new skill are you learning? Or what new experiences are taking place in your life due to the pandemic?
  2. Visualize the process and think about what you want it to mean and how you want to feel.
    • When we set the meaning and feeling before we act then we put forth what we are stepping into. Why should we have to wait to feel how we want?
  3. Write it down!
    • Writing it down seems to make it more real. Sure, it may take a few more minutes to write it down, but it’s good to actually see it in front of you. Remember it’s like a post-it note for your brain.

If you are a bit stuck here are some phrases that can help jump-start the process. See which one resonates with you…

  • To add to subtract
  • A first time is for experiencing
  • To accept whatever happens as if I had chosen it.
  • To channel joy into this experience
  • To gain strength
  • To develop a skill and improve myself
  • To bring a smile into other people’s day
  • To show up for myself
  • Gratitude
  • To encourage and inspire by being my authentic self
  • To go with the flow
  • To know that I am loved regardless of the outcome
  • To keep it simple
  • To discover who I am and what I enjoy
  • To give back to the community
  • To discover more about myself
  • To embrace the unknown
  • To be an explorer of what life has to offer
  • To get the most out of life
  • To be faced with fear and do it anyway
  • To rise to meet my own standards
  • To answer the call of service
  • To reconnect with my childlike curiosity
  • To be selective with my time
  • To bring fun back
  • To be more open-minded
  • To find beauty in everything

Through bringing your intentions to your first times and new experiences you will craft them towards the person you want to be.

Join Us

If you are ready to set your intentions to experience more first times and accept the challenge to change yourself into the person you want to be but would like that extra inspiration or guidance consider joining the #365FirstsChallenge Facebook Group. I’m there and so are other Next Level Firsts Coaches and we are all on our own Journey of First Times and New Experiences so we know what it’s like and are there to go through it with you.

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