How to Use First Times and New Experiences for your Well-Being (Part II)

In the last post, part one of how to use first times and new experiences past, present, and future for your mental well-being, we discussed five reasons why you want to make reminiscing about past first times and your experiences a part of your routine. 

Today, we’re going to talk about the benefits of adding first times and new experiences to your life now and plan for them in the future.

But before I do that, I want to discuss something I failed to address in the last post. A key reason why first times and new experiences are great for your mental well-being is because of how important it is when faced with adversity, anxiety, unknowns, and fears to focus your thoughts, energy, and efforts on what helps you grow, learn, and ignite your creativity while providing you reassurance, entertainment, fun, and hope. 

Five Benefits of Adding First Times and New Experiences To Your Life Now for your Mental Well-Being

A Cure for Boredom

How completely bored are you already? Are you having a case of cabin fever, yet? Boredom is dangerous and horrible for your mental well-being (you can read more about it here) so you don’t want it settling into your life.  Adding things you’ve never done before is one of the best ways to ensure you keep from getting bored and you have fun entertaining yourself and others.

Releasing the Good Chemicals

Your brain benefits immensely from the chemicals, such as dopamine, that are released when you look forward to things and encounter novelty. The release of dopamine will go a long way in making you feel happier and excited which is much better than releasing cortisol and feeling stress and anxiety. 

A Boost for Your Creativity

First times and new experiences do wonders to fuel your creativity and when you feel creative and inspired – you find more exciting things to do. It’s a great loop to initiate for yourself. 

Learning and Discovering

It’s something else your brain loves. Learning. You have options to engage and challenge your brain and mind with learning new things or to occupy it with worrying and stressing. Focus on learning and discovering new and interesting things. Minimize the should learn and turn to the want to learn!! 

Focusing Clears Your Mind

Doing things you’ve never done before requires more focus. Focusing on things you’ve never done before clears your mind. A clear and focused mind is free of stress, worry, and anxiety.

For ideas and ways to add first times and new experiences, read this post

Benefits of Planning Future First Times and New Experiences

Planning for the future gives us hope. 

In the direst of times and situation, during the Holocaust in WWII, Vicktor Frankl recognized while imprisoned in a concentration camp that “Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.” 

We need a why in life and things to look forward to.

The desire to get back to normal, to see, hold, and spend time with family and friends again without fear of getting sick, making others sick, or facing potential death is definitely nice to look forward to, especially with each additional passing day of being self-quarantined. But looking forward to finally getting to do those things you’ve never done in life adds a layer of excitement, anticipation, and inspiration for life!! This is why getting busy making a list of those first times and new experiences for when you are allowed to roam the earth again and making plans for them are an excellent way to boost your mental well-being. 

We also can’t overlook or deny that this crisis is impacting many people in a plethora of different ways. 

You might be questioning a few or all things about the state of your life, exploring some deep existential questions, and considering your options for what your new normal will be like when you are once again set free in the world. 

This is why what you need for the good of your mental health is to research, prepare, and plan for what your new dream future holds. 

In Conclusion

I hope these two posts enlighten you on how incredibly important first times and new experiences are to your mental well-being. Their power reaches in from the past, ground you in the present, and excite you about the future all in order to highlight how much life has to offer.

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