I Did Something New. You Should Too. Viral Campaign.

Is there a way to make doing something new/having a first time go viral?

If you’re like me, and you’re adding first times and new experiences into your life on a regularly bases – you’ve also figured out how much fun and beneficial new experiences and first times are.

The question is. What’s the best way of introducing and enticing others to start doing some exploring in their own lives, so they too, can start enjoying and discovering life the way we are?!?

I’m recommending we engage with the people in our lives by inviting them to follow in our example and try something new too.

Here’s how it works.

After doing something new, or for the first time, post a picture or video on your preferred social network with the details of your new experience to include: what, when, who, and where . Then tag five of your friends to do something new too!! Be sure to use the hashtag #365FirstsChallenge.

Below are some examples.

I did something new!

What: Learned and played two new games: Dizzle and NIYA. Much better than staying home watching TV. Exercised my brain and socialized. 

When: Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Who with: Members of the #365firstschallenge Meetup Group

Where: Meepleville Board Game Cafe in Las Vegas

Now I invite you to do something new too!!


I did something new!

How it works. Cut and paste the example above and fill in your information.

1. Go do something new (any first time or new experience)

2. Tell us what it was (what, when, who with, and overall impression of the experience)

3. Add an image or video to your post

4. Tag five of your friends to do something new too!

5.Track the #365Firstschallenge hashtag to find out what new experiences people are having!

Some Image Examples from Facebook

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