My Experience as a First Time Expecting Mother

No one could have prepared me enough for what took place nine years ago. Life as I once knew it was about to change. I was having a child!


I found out late October of 2010. It was near the end of my first semester of college and I was constantly falling asleep during history class. I was tired all the time. I was two weeks late, no, not for an appointment – the other kind of late. I took a pregnancy test.


I did not expect this.

I was speechless, almost shocked. I remember feeling all the feels. I was scared because I had never experienced this before but also excited because this is a new life. I felt unsure and nervous because I’d never been a mom. What if I mess this up? I was even upset because I wasn’t done with school and knew that having a child would slow me down. And I wondered, what will happen once I tell the man who helped create this new life. Will he run away? We weren’t married.

My then boyfriend (now husband) was over the moon! That was a sigh of relief for me. As the excitement crept in, I had to contain it because we didn’t want to tell anyone right away. But we had to prepare and I needed a doctor. We interviewed OBGYNs and found the right fit. Cheers to this unexpected journey! Wait… I couldn’t drink, anymore…

Exciting Firsts of Pregnancy

  • Seeing the baby and hearing its heartbeat at an ultrasound appointment at 11 weeks – we were in awe, full of emotion, and amazed and THAT is when it became super real for us.
  • Realizing first movements. It started with me feeling “butterflies” then I realized it was the baby moving around. I savored these moments for myself for a little bit before my boyfriend could touch and feel. Seeing his reaction when he first felt the baby move was priceless!
  • Seeing first movements. Amazing! Reminded me of that scene in the Matrix before Neo got debugged. I couldn’t stop staring. As the pregnancy progressed, it became more uncomfortable, but always beautiful feeling the life inside me grow.
  • Finding out the the sex of the baby for the first time was nerve racking because we previously had an argument about baby names. But getting to see this joy and finding out it was a boy left us so ecstatic. I always wanted my first child to be a boy.
  • First baby shower was super fun. We felt like celebrities celebrating this new life. All the gifts, family, friends, and the love! The diaper cakes, clothes, toys, and accessories definitely shifted the reality that baby boy was really coming soon. This day came with an unexpected first twist – losing $500 cash! This was supposed to be rent money, but we’ll save that story for another time…

First Time in LaborOh Boy!

The best way I can describe contractions is like your stomach tightens and the pain is so uncomfortable that you can’t even talk. No one described this to me during the birthing classes. I was almost clueless as to what was happening. Thank goodness for my sister who coached me through it. I have to tell you about this moment:

My then boyfriend left for work. I had been uncomfortable for a few days, sleeping sitting up. He was on standby if I needed him. I was having contractions all day infrequently, napping in between. Dinner time was creeping in so I ordered pizza. Well those infrequent contractions became frequent and regular. I remember calling my sister, calling my doctor, and keeping a time log of the contractions. The doctor was going to call me back. I left my phone in the bedroom and when my phone rang, I was stuck holding the arm of the couch having a contraction! I finally got hold of the doctor and she said it was time to come in.

I called my baby’s daddy and when he came to get me I told him we couldn’t leave. He looked at me like I was crazy and I said, “We have to wait for the pizza!” Well we met the delivery guy at the door and it was us and that pizza driving what felt like the slowest drive to the hospital (Daddy-to-be was super nervous). I didn’t get to enjoy any of the pizza.

Once we arrived at the hospital, I was in labor for 16 hours, with little complications, then we welcomed little Amari Stafford into the world on the evening of June 22, 2011.

He was so beautiful and strong and we felt so blessed! The love I felt was overwhelming…

Amari’s First Day Home!

Expecting, the Unexpected

This was my first pregnancy experience. No two women are the same which means no two pregnancies are the same. Not even my second pregnancy was the same as my first, but for the most part I knew what to expect.

I highlighted these usual firsts for first time moms because I know the impact they have on us emotionally. It is such a beautiful journey. Our bodies are amazing and the transformation that takes place inside and outward is nothing short of a miracle!

Share Your Experience

Do you remember when you were expecting for the first time? Are you currently expecting for the first time? Please comment below and also share your story in our #365FirstsChallenge Facebook Group!

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