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#OutdoorsFirsts are any and all firsts related to playing, living, and enjoying the great outdoors! Many of the things you do indoor, can be done outdoor as a first time. Have a look at the #SportFirsts Master List and #GameFirsts Master List for more outdoor inspiration.

Checkout the list. Mark off what you’ve already experienced and select those you haven’t for your #365FirstsChallenge List.

  1. Camping
  2. Climbing a tree
  3. Skinny dipping
  4. Swimming in a river
  5. Swimming in a lake
  6. Tubing
  7. Cooking on campfire
  8. Building campfire
  9. Playing flashlight tag
  10. Roasting marshmallows (or other foods)
  11. Skipping stones
  12. Building a sand castle
  13. Playing with water guns
  14. Bird watching
  15. Animal watching
  16. Nature gathering (acorns, pine cones, rock, flowers)
  17. Leaf collecting
  18. Seashell collecting
  19. Picking berries
  20. Picking other fruits
  21. Bug collecting
  22. Four Leaf Clover Searching
  23. Swing in a hammock
  24. Stargaze
  25. Tell ghost stories around the fire
  26. Make mud sculptures (play in the mud)
  27. Rolling downhill in the grass
  28. Cloud shape identifying
  29. Having a picnic
  30. Flying a kite
  31. Swing on a swing
  32. Swing on a tire
  33. Using a compass
  34. Building a snowman
  35. Snowball fight
  36. Building an igloo
  37. Doing snow angels
  38. Jumping in leaf piles

What are your recommendations? Leave a message. What should be added?

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