Recap of Last Week on the #365Firsts Podcast : Week 2

Did you tune into the First Time Storytelling Broadcast last week? We shared some laughs and learned some valuable lessons about keeping a positive mindset! Here is a quick recap of the incredible guests and stories that were featured exclusively on the #365Firsts Podcast in the past week. Remember, all of the episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play and more for you to go back and listen to. And trust me, these are some stories you won’t want to miss!

Monday: Ann was joined by Cynthia de Lorenzi, who shared the story of her first time buying a house online, she had never seen and moving to a new city, she had never visited! Her story began in Washington D.C., where she had moved to take over and run the business of her late brother. She was living out of her parents’ basement at the start, but she eventually took over the house when her parents also passed away. 

Cynthia de Lorenzi

Once she knew the time had come for a change, she found another family member to hand her parents’ home over and with little time to spare needed to find a new place to live. Her husband pulled the Forbes 20 ‘Best Places to Retire’ list, they settled on five location and they began searching for foreclosures. They found a house in New Mexico that called out to them and entered the auction to bid on it; however, they ended up being out-bid by someone else during the auction.

They were bummed knowing that the perfect opportunity to move had slipped from them, and were weary of starting back at square one. Her husband was more optimistic though, and told her, “In two weeks, you’re going to get a call and get that house.” Call it a miracle or a coincidence, but sure enough, they got the call!

That was just the beginning of her exciting life in the southwest. Without going through the tedious process of getting the home, Cynthia would never have been able to experience the beautiful deserts and skies of New Mexico. From this episode, we truly learned the power of positive thinking and how it can lead your life in the direction you favor. Sometimes, life has your journey planned out for you and all you have to do is follow your intuition! 

“I think about what we would’ve missed if we had not done this this way”

-Cynthia de Lorenzi

Ann on the entrepreneurial journey 😜

Wednesday: Ann shared with you her story of being an entrepreneur for the first time. Her story began with the entrepreneurial ventures of her parents, who owned restaurants and even an arcade as she was growing up. Ann was exposed to working in businesses very early because of this, and would often ponder upon the future possibilities of owning one herself someday. 

Although she did not take on any entrepreneurial endeavors as a child, one thought always seemed to resurface: She wanted adults to have a place to “play” and be themselves the way children do in playgrounds and arcades. This was before Dave and Buster’s!

But, Ann’s life lead her in such a way that she ended up joining the Marine Corps and served for as long as she enjoyed it. Once she decided it was time to leave the Marines, she returned back to square one in terms of career options. Corporate America seemed out of the question to her, and the only option that was appealing was (you guessed it!) starting her own business.

Ann had no idea where to even begin until a close friend of hers mentioned the up and coming idea of life coaching. This immediately interested her, so she did her research and even signed up for some classes to learn more about how to become a life coach.

She launched her business, but had trouble finding clients from the circle of Marines that she already knew. Networking was difficult, but she found more support from groups such as BNI. Ann finally started getting clients, but problems began to arise yet again. They treated her like a therapist, but she had completely different visions for her life coaching business than just that. She continued innovating by switching to business coaching, but the work she was doing was not aligning with the income coming in. However, she knew the running of a business is what she really enjoyed.

So, she evolved once again to now starting a Coaching Agency but while being filled with great ideas and a vision matters, that didn’t turn out to be enough after encountering more bumps in the road.

Want to learn more about how she kept persevering during hard times? Hit “Play” on Wednesday’s podcast episode to find out!

Friday: Ryan Estes who shared the story of his first time trying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This martial art is a grappling art that takes place on the ground, as opposed to other forms that include striking. Ryan has always been into martial arts and wrestling since a young age, some of his famous idols including Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme. 

Ryan Estes

In his 20’s and 30’s, Ryan transitioned to playing guitar in a band as his main focus and put martial arts aside. He did not want to continue pursuing martial arts on the side because he was afraid of injuring his hands and limiting his ability to play finger-style guitar.

Ryan still watched the UFC to keep up with the latest updates in the mixed martial arts world, and took particular notice of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s effectiveness when fighting. This is what initially captivated him into re-exploring martial arts. He began searching for a school with a buddy of his, and eventually found one that taught Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Denver, CO. Ryan walked in nervous and not knowing what to expect, but was overconfident at the same time because of his prior experience.

He truly displayed the typical beginner’s mindset at first. He got to the mat on his first day as a white belt and could barely even make it through the warm-up! Ego tended to get the best of him, and he even tired himself out until he puked!

Now, 8 years and 3 belt rankings in, Ryan still has a ways to go until he is a black belt. However, his journey so far definitely provides great inspiration to rekindle the love for an old hobby and build upon it even further.

Hit “Play” on Friday’s episode to hear all about Ryan’s first Jiu Jitsu class!

“I made a classic rookie mistake: on the first day of drilling, I started going full Hulk mode!”

-Ryan Estes

What a rollercoaster of a week it was on the #365Firsts Podcast! As always, Ann will be interviewing yet another group of inspirational individuals this week, so don’t forget to tune in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

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Keep on telling stories and creating experiences for new ones!

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