Recap of Last Week on the #365Firsts Podcast : Week 3

Did you tune into the First Time Storytelling Broadcast last week? We heard all about several fitness-related first time stories from our wonderful guests. Here is a quick recap of the incredible guests and stories that were featured exclusively on the #365Firsts Podcast in the past week. Remember, all of the episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play and more for you to go back and listen to. And trust me, these are some stories you won’t want to miss!

Monday: Ann was joined by guest Allison Jackson, who shared the story of her first time competing in a figure competition! Her story began in her teen years when Allison would read her father’s Muscle Fitness magazines. She was amazed at the fact that people could transform their bodies so dramatically through diet and exercise, and pursued fitness herself by participating in sports. 

Allison Jackson

“I felt like a baby giraffe… I was like, ‘What’s happening?'”

-Allison Jackson

Years later, Allison became a mother and had settled down in her life. However, her dream to someday compete in figure competitions was still not gone from her mind. She came across a figure competition coach who would work with her for 12 weeks to get her into the best shape of her life. It took rigorous diet, exercise, and discipline to balance her life as a mother and a figure competitor, but she powered through the challenge. Allison cleaned up her diet which helped her to lose weight, but she had trouble sleeping, managing cravings, and even felt cold often as a result of the fat loss. 

Eventually, she overcame the struggles of getting in shape and made sure that her bathing suit, tan, and makeup were all ready for her posing practice. Allison expected that this would be the easy part, but as soon as she put on her heels, she wanted to quit. This was much harder than the diet and workout, especially because there was so much pressure on her. She had to fight tears when holding poses made her shake and sweat.

As the show got closer and closer, the people she was working with encouraged her and pointed out the major changes they saw her body. Still, Allison was not convinced and struggled to feel confident. Finally, a light switch turned on in her head one day and she looked at herself in the mirror and said, “Holy crap, I look good!” From that point on, everything fell into place and she felt ready to go. Wondering how the competition went? Hit play to find out!

Wednesday: Ann shared with you her experience of staying in an AirBnB for the first time! She first signed up for AirBnB in May of 2012 after her friend sent her a link for it but she didn’t witness someone using AirBnB until she went to Amsterdam with a different friend in early 2015. He claimed he swore by the app and has nothing but great experiences with it.

So, in December of 2015, Ann was planning a rather pricey trip to New Orleans (to get her things out of storage), she firgured it would be the perfect time to explore the AirBnB option as a potentially cheaper alternative to a hotel room. She booked a $27 room in a Lower 9th Ward home. If you know anything about New Orleans, you would know that the Lower 9th Ward was particularly devastated after Hurricane Katrina, and is not the safest community in the city. However, she ended up booking it anyway because of its good reviews, cleanliness, and low price.

When she arrived, it felt weird and uncomfortable to walk right into a stranger’s home but everything seemed to match the pictures and reviews she’d read. Minus the somewhat noisy bar next door. The host was no where to be seen so Ann settled into her room and then started running errands.

Ann eventually ended up falling asleep, and had a good night’s rest. She went back out next morning to run another errand and returned to find a man who she had never met before cooking in the kitchen… wondering how this story ends? Hit play and hear the whole story!

Friday: the guest was Stu Swineford who shared the story of his first time running 100 miles at one time in the Leadville 100. He was inspired by his circle of athletes in Boulder, Colorado who had ran in such ultramarathons in the past. Stu had begun running to get in better shape for the upcoming ski season and to help his conditioning after a knee surgery. He decided he needed a goal in order to keep running so he decided he was going to take on the challenge of the Leadville 100.

Stu Swineford

When Stu made this decision, the most he had ever run was a 10K over twenty years ago- he had no idea what he had just gotten himself into! His lack of experience allowed him to experiment with his training, but his method proved to be faulty further down the line.

He was unprepared, but he showed up to the race anyway with a crew of his friends to help him. The sun hadn’t even risen yet, but the race was about to begin. Stu could feel the excitement right from the starting line and was determined to finish the race. He had never really doubted the idea that he would finish the race before, so he went in with full confidence.

The first few checkpoints went as planned, and he took on the varying inclines with care. Stu made sure to not make rookie mistakes, such as running down the steepest hills and injuring his legs. About two-fifths of the way in, he began feeling the fatigue and doubt settle in. Would he truly finish this race like he had once believed he would?

Twelve years and several Leadville 100’s later, Stu now advises anyone attempting a large challenge to look at it in smaller chunks rather than as one, large task. This piece of simple advice can be applied to virtually any situation and is a great tip for any challenging first time experience!

Hit “Play” on Friday’s episode to hear all about how the rest of the race went!

“I think almost every ultra runner has gone through low points where you start to doubt whether this is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done or not, and I certainly went through those.”

-Stu Swineford

What a rollercoaster of a week it was on the #365Firsts Podcast! As always, Ann will be interviewing yet another group of inspirational individuals this week, so don’t forget to tune in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

Also, be sure to follow the #365FirstsChallenge on social media to get the latest updates on which guests will be appearing on the show each week.

Keep on telling stories and creating experiences for new ones!

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