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Did you tune into the First Time Storytelling Broadcast last week? It truly was an eventful week that made us laugh, gasp, and cry! Here is a quick recap of the incredible guests and stories that were featured exclusively on the #365Firsts Podcast in the past week. Remember, all of the episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play and more for you to go back and listen to. And trust me, these are some stories you won’t want to miss!

Monday: Ann was joined by guest Fadi Aabidi, an investment manager, pilot, hunter, skydiver, and pure adventurer who took a year off from work to go pursue his passions and fulfill his lifelong dreams. His story began during the economic boom of 2006 when he heard that the Chair of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, had taken a year off to go on the Route 66 tour. This was the first time Fadi was introduced to the one-year sabbatical concept.

Fadi Aabidi

“Work commitment, especially in the investment sector precluded me from a lot of those things that I liked”

-Fadi Aabidi

When the economic crash of 2008 came, Fadi recalled this idea of taking a break and decided that if Alan Greenspan could do it, so could he. He had three main things he wanted to experience/accomplish which had to do with health, flying, and hunting. 

He started with signing up for five months of strenuous body building, not to compete, but to develop the physique he’d always wanted. He made several trips back and forth to Africa to discover all of the beauty and mystery it held, to include doing some hunting, all legally and ethically. He also achieve the dream of flying a MiG-29 in Russia. He learned several other new skills along the way and got to see many different parts of the world in the process.

Looking back on the experience, Fadi heavily emphasizes the importance of planning, training, and community when trying to tackle multiple. He discussed how that one year kicked off a decade of adventuring for him.

Wondering what else he did to prepare for all of this awesome stuff, what he learned along the way and his other adventures?!

Hit play below to hear Fadi Aabidi’s secrets on how he re-prioritized his life!

This could have been you, Ann!

Wednesday: Ann shared  her experience of attending her first game show, The Price Is Right! She was introduced to the show when her family spent the summer at a hotel in Massachusetts, prior to their move to the U.S. She didn’t speak or understand English much, but still loved watching the Price is Right.

Ann was fascinated by the host Bob Barker and wondered about how she could possibly make it on the show. How would a kid from Canada, that didn’t speak English, find her way to California to be on the show? Little did she know, a permanent move to Massachusetts and becoming a Marine stationed at the base in 29 Palms California would eventually lead her there!

Ann discovered the trip to the show at her MWR base office and was given the special opportunity to go on the show . She was overjoyed, and was hopeful that she would be chosen as the next contestant from her seat in the audience. She was so close to being called down, but just one, small detail was missing!

Curious about what stopped her from being called down to try her shot on The Price is Right? Hit “Play” on Wednesday’s podcast episode to find out!

Friday: Ann was joined by guest Ido Singer, the creator and host of the One Last Thought Podcast, a husband, father, leader, and instigator. He retold the personal and emotional story of losing his father. He began by introducing his father as a Polish Holocaust survivor, establishing his bravery and heroism right from the start. His whole life, Ido’s father had a passion for fixing things by hand, but was unfortunately left with only one functioning hand after a machinery accident.

Ido Singer

This incident left him devastated as he had lost one of the limbs he depended on for his hobbies and career. He tried his hardest to make the most of his situation, but it was a difficult and depressing decline for both him and his family.

Ido’s father had changed, but one thing had remained the same: he loved watching Ido play basketball. Up until the day his father passed, basketball played a pivotal role in Ido’s life and how he was impacted by the final game his father would never live to hear about.

Ido knew his father was always by his side, but during that last basketball game before his father passed, he truly felt like a miracle happened.

Hit “Play” on Friday’s episode to hear all about the seven years which changed Ido and his father’s lives forever. 

“I played the best game of my life. I literally felt like I was playing in triple speed and everything was in slow motion.”

-Ido Singer

What a rollercoaster of a week it was on the #365Firsts Podcast! As always, Ann will be interviewing yet another group of inspirational individuals this week, so don’t forget to tune in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

Also, be sure to follow the #365FirstsChallenge on social media to get the latest updates on which guests will be appearing on the show each week.

Keep on telling stories and creating experiences for new ones!

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