Maximize Your Life Summit Series Keynote

📅 March 26, 2021

Join us for the I Dare Me Keynote kickoff event!!

Did you know that with First Times and New Experiences you can:

  • Raising your self-awareness
  • Improving cognitive abilities
  • Increasing creativity
  • Being more open-minded
  • Developing greater confidence
  • Becoming more spontaneous
  • Stepping out of comfort zones
  • Facing your fears
  • Becoming more curious (childlike)
  • Adding excitement, adventures, and stories to tell
  • Protection from dementia and Alzheimer’s

Action-based self-development through first times and new experiences is much easier to start, engage in, and benefit from than you think. Join us to find out more!

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Ann Bernard

Ann Bernard, the Master of First Times is the creator of the #365FirstsChallenge and author of How to Become a (First Time) Storyteller.

Ann Bernard


Ann Bernard

Ann Bernard is the Master of First Times, the creator of the #365FirstsChallenge, and the First Time Story Map Project. She’s the CEO of the 365Firsts, Inc. which has three divisions: First Time Storytelling, #365FirstsChallenge, and Next Level Firsts Coaching.

Ann has been obsessed with self-development her entire life. She’s been both her own guinea pig and “mad” scientist since the young age of nine years old, when trapped with her worse fear she learned: You can be trapped by your fears or freed by facing them. There’s nothing she teaches that she hasn’t learned through experience. As a Marine, serial entrepreneur, world traveler, and thrill seeker the list of what’s she’s done is rather extensive.

Ann and her team will help you communicate and express who you are in a clear and engaging way through storytelling, for you to make stronger connections, while you raise your self-awareness and improve your well-being in the process.

In addition, she’ll get you started on your journey of first times and new experiences to maximize what you get out of life and in the process you’ll grow, improve, and change.

And finally, she’ll help you reach entirely new first times as your raise to a higher level.

Ann is on a mission to help raise human potential in her lifetime. Something that will take focused action based self-development and better leveraging and implementing technology to individualized personal growth in the palm of our hands.

She’s a retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, a serial entrepreneur, a world traveler, author, speaker, podcaster, and YouTuber.

Lu Ann Cahn

Lu Ann Cahn is the author of the inspirational memoir I Dare Me, an entertaining look back on a year of doing 365 Firsts which changed everything for her.

Lu Ann Cahn

Lu Ann Cahn is the author of the inspirational memoir I Dare Me, an entertaining look back on a year that changed everything for her. The book grew out of a blog called Year of Firsts, which chronicled this veteran journalist, mother and survivor’s daily adventures as she pushed herself to try something new for every single day – an effort to get her life “unstuck,” as her daughter put it.
She went on this year-long adventure while working her full-time “day job” as an 8-time Emmy award-winning journalist with NBC10 News in Philadelphia. Cahn’s journey eventually led to a major career change. In December 2014, she left her 40-year career in broadcast news to dare audiences across the country and to help launch the next generation of communicators at Temple University. Cahn is the Director of Career Services for Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication.
Cahn is well known in Philadelphia where she worked for WCAU-TV for 27 years. She filled many roles —breaking news reporter, anchor, and entertainment show host – but is most well known for her years as a hard-charging investigative reporter with a talent for uncovering scandals and scams. In 2005, Lu Ann won a National Emmy for her undercover investigative story “Dirty Little Secret” about an illegal bar run by elected officials in their dry town
In 1991 Cahn made local and national news when she publicly told her story of battling breast cancer after a missed diagnosis when she was only 35. Her 1992 special report “Breast Cancer: My Personal Story” won her a national Clarion award and two Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmys.
Cahn also had surgery for ulcerative colitis and kidney cancer. She regularly speaks on behalf of Living Beyond Breast Cancer, other area cancer support groups and the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. She hopes her survivor experience inspires others.
Earlier in her career, Cahn worked at stations in Jacksonville, Florida; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Huntsville, Alabama; Little Rock, Arkansas; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Miami, Florida.
A native of Columbus, Ohio, Cahn grew up in Atlanta and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Georgia. She is married to NBC10 Photojournalist Phil Houser. They’re proud of their daughter Alexa, who dared herself to start her own company and is now managing electronic artists in the music business.

Schedule of Events

7:15 - 8:00 Keynote Hosted by Ann Bernard
I Dare Me: Lessons from 365 Firsts

Lu Ann Cahn inspires us through sharing what she learned and discovered in her year of doing 365 Firsts.