Ten Truths About Firsts

Discover Ten Truths About First Times to help you as you think deeper about past and future First Times.

What do you know about first times?

We do a lot of things in life without being fully aware, mindful, or conscious of them—or their impact, value, meaning, and significance on us and our lives.

We use expressions and terminology without expanding on their full implications. We have first times but do we realize what they really are? How much consideration or thoughts have you/are you giving to the first times in your life?

Here is a list of Ten Truths About First Times to help you as you think deeper about past and future First Times.

They’re called a first or first time for a reason—you’ll only get ONE first time.

1. EVERYTHING was a first at first.

The entirety of your life and who you are is based on having initially been introduced to, exposed, taught, learned, tried, explored, wanted, needed, and desired something new. A lot of your firsts were out of necessity and curiosity—others out of responsibility, obligation, and impulse, and some were out of coercion, guilt, or even force. You are the sum of your firsts and what you chose to do with them.

2. You can never relive a first.


While your entire existence is composed of firsts—they are limited to a one time occurrence. Why do parents want to capture a child’s first words, first time walking, first time going to school…and so many more of their child’s first times?

We like to make big deals out of big firsts, for example: first child, first kiss, first time having sex, buying your first house, first day of “fill in the blank”, and yet, easily forget and take for granted so many other firsts that can never be relived.

Some firsts are so incredible that we want to relive them, to feel again what they made us feel–but they can never be recreated—first times can never be duplicated.

3. Most firsts, the first time is the toughest.

Again, by definition, a first is something you’ve never done. The hardest and toughest thing to do in life is something you’ve never done before. If you’ve never done it before; it probably involves stepping into the unknown, change, taking a chance, making a decision without knowing the outcome—and other things most people are adverse to. Know that the first time, will be toughest, but it will be the only first time—view it with the lens of #1 and #2.

4. Some firsts you’ll do/experience and add to your life.

Many firsts from childhood were added to your life for survival and are part of belonging to the human race. However, once you reach a certain age, and what you need to know to survive is solidified, you get to select what new things you introduce into your life (minus unexpected firsts). Out of those firsts, a few will take root and become part of your life, habits, and routine. On the other hand, see #5.

5. Most firsts you’ll do/experience and never do again.


The vast majority of firsts you experience in your lifetime, will be just that, firsts—things you’ll experience or have happen to you, but you’ll never do again, or add to your life. Doesn’t mean they aren’t important, don’t have a huge effect on you or haven’t/aren’t going to shape who you are.

6. Most firsts suck at first, but get better.

Some of this is expectation management, but reality is, we are probably going to suck at whatever we do for the first time. #5 is a truth about firsts because of #6. If we suck at something when we first try it or the experience sucks that increases the odds we’ll never do it again. Consequently, if our first time is a bad experience, we aren’t inclined to try again. On the other hand, if we accept that the first time will likely suck and it will get better if we stick with it—we’re more likely to give it another shot.

7. Some firsts are awesome at first, but get worse.

These are somewhat rare unless you’re an adrenaline and novelty junky. When the novelty of something new wears off—the desires for it disappears.

8. All firsts have something to teach you about yourself.

You are the sum of your firsts—past and future. The imprints of your life are in the experiences you’ve had and who they made you. All those experiences started with a first. The primary way for you to keep learning and growing is through having new experiences.

9. Majority of firsts are gateways to other firsts.

You had to first learn to crawl, then standup, then walk, and eventually run—mastering those skills lead you to the discovery of many other things. Same is still true now, trying something for the first time remains the catalyst to many other firsts.

10. Death is the final first.


Even Jesus only died once…he did bring 3 people back to life though. Admittedly the jury is not out on whether or not Lazarus died a second time. Regardless of your religious belief, I feel 100% confident you’ll truly only die once, and on earth, that will be all she wrote.

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