The Difference Between a First Time and a New Experience

A couple of weeks ago I invited you to start your Journey of First Times and New Experiences and since then, I’ve had some people ask me “What’s the difference between a first time and a new experience?”

The answer is: A new experience is always a first time but a first time isn’t necessarily a new experience.

Let me further explain with some examples.

Doing Yoga

The first time I did yoga, it was a first time and a new experience. I took a class with a friend many years ago when I lived in New Orleans. 

When I was in Belize, a few years ago, I did yoga for the first time outside and on a rooftop. A couple of months ago, I did yoga outside again, but this time, with goats – doing yoga (or anything for that matter) with goats was a first. The common experience is yoga but that experience is changed by circumstances, the environment, and hopefully soon; what I can actually accomplish.

There are yoga poses, that I can’t even pronounce like: mayurasana, pincha mayrasana, kaundinyasana, firefly, and king pigeon, to name a few, that are going to take me awhile to learn and do. But someday, being able to do those poses, will be achieving additional new first times with yoga.

Perhaps I’ll even talk myself into doing hot yoga…that would also be another First.

Going to the Range

On Sunday, I’ll be going to a gun range as part of the #365FirstsChallenge Meetup Group. I’ve been in the Marine Corps for 24 years, so clearly I’ve fired many weapons before, so being on range, and firing a weapon, will not be a new experience.

However, being on a civilian range will be a first. I’ve only fired guns on military ranges. Additionally, I plan on either shooting an Uzi or AK-47 – two weapons whose triggers I’ve never pulled, so that will count as a First. 

Being a Guest on a Morning Show

Yesterday, I was a guest on the News3LV morning show. It wasn’t my first time on a morning show – it wasn’t a new experience. However, it was my first time on a Las Vegas morning show and first time on TV to discuss the #365FirstsChallenge.

My goal for my next first is being interviewed/featured on a National TV show. 

The Combination of First Times and New Experiences

See how I’m using reaching a new/next level first as a way to continue to aspire, grow, and learn?

A new experience introduces you to something you’ve absolutely never done or experienced before. And again, yes, new experiences are first times too.

First Time are

But first times don’t end there. First times are a method to keep setting goals, to explore further, and to achieve more.

Understanding how to combine the two is how you pack a power punch of self-development and reaching new levels of achievement in your life, career, and if applicable, business.

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