The First Time I Worked with a Life Coach

“Everyone ends up somewhere. but few people end up somewhere on purpose.”- Craig Groeschel

The beautiful thing about life is that every person has their own personal journey, a story they can share with the world around them. No two journeys are the same. There will be times, especially in the adult years, where we’ll need to seek guidance. We may feel like we don’t have all the answers. What’s next for us? That’s when we look to others for help.

Searching for Purpose

There have been many times where I needed guidance on specific areas in my life. One time in particular I was really in search of purpose. I didn’t feel the sense of fulfillment in my medical job even after obtaining a degree. The desire to help others wasn’t fully met in my post-graduate jobs. 

Working at urgent care, I was able to temporarily helped others with an issue or, if life-threatening, with their life, but that was rarely the case (thank goodness). Working in a doctor’s office I’m able to build rapport with the patients that come in on a regular basis; however, it’s a quick check-in and oftentimes feels like surface-level interaction. What was missing for me was meaning and knowing that I truly connected with and helped someone in their life. 

Don’t get me wrong, there have been times when I was able to impart wisdom or knowledge to someone on the job and hear about it later. I wanted that feeling of being the recipient of someone else’s gratitude more often because of how it made me feel! So, one day, I made the decision to find purpose. How I came to discover my purpose came by way of prayer, less worrying, and hiring a life coach!

Seeking Guidance

I’d never really heard of a life coach before entering my late 20s, so when the term came to me and I understood what it meant I was instantly intrigued.  I happened to meet my first coach at a mutual friend’s birthday party. Later on, finding out that she was a coach, I became her client. 

My first experience with a life coach was amazing! It was filled with self-discovery and so many “Ah-ha” moments just in one hour of talking with her. My coach asked a lot of questions. But not surface-level questions. Questions that really had me thinking and some I’d never even thought to ask myself. After just the first session, I was on a motivational high! The gears in my mind were rolling, I had hopes for my future and was gaining clarity on the direction I needed to go in. That was when I knew, that coaching was what I was meant to do. I wanted others to feel what I was feeling- excitement and optimism for their life.


Coaching required not only talking and getting encouragement but action. After the initial session I went through a 2 month program with a small group of people where I was told to set goals for myself and have accountability. There were weekly check-ins and reflection times, sessions where my coach informed us with new information and asked the hard questions.

My goals were centered around how I could become a trained coach. Sometimes it was rough and I didn’t make my smaller goals in the time I set. There were times where the person I selected to hold me accountable didn’t come through for me, but I made things happen. With the support of my coach, I was able to find a training program that met my needs and later became a trained holistic coach. It has been the best decision of my life!

Coach Training in Nashville, TN

Share Your Experience

Hiring a life coach is an investment on yourself, a beautiful act of self-care and so worth it. Have you worked with a life coach before? What was your first time like working with one? If you haven’t, consider adding it to your #365FirstsChallenge list in the app! We’d love to hear about your experience in our Facebook group!

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