This Week We Challenge You To Try a Chores First

Ready to explore some new chores!? Chores aren’t sexy or the most exciting things to do and probably aren’t something you even think about as something new to explore, but getting them done can be satisfying, worthwhile, and even fun! Making something fun is simply a matter of mindset.

Additionally, many of the skills acquired from these chores are essential for saving you time and money. You can swipe through the #365FirstsChallenge App to find a #chorefirsts to add to your list or check out the #ChoreFirsts Master List.

Here are a few we think might be helpful for you to learn:

How to Paint and Patch

You can pay hundreds to get your walls painted, or you could learn how to do it yourself. Whether it’s an eccentric accent wall or new aesthetic in mind, you can easily paint it yourself. Here’s a useful guide if you’re considering doing it yourself.

On a related topic, filling holes or patches in your wall is just as doable. In less than an hour, you can make a beat-up wall look new again. Check out this Youtube video for instructions.

How to Unclog

Though it isn’t the most appealing job, it is one that must be done. And if you’re still unsure how to unclog something — whether that’s the sink, the tub, or the toilet — we can help you out.

A toilet plunger is the obvious go-to, but if you’re looking for an alternative solution, this is the article for you. And instead of dealing with chemical drain cleaners for sinks and tubs, invest in a plunger specifically made for those utilities.

How to Fix a Scratch

Sometimes the smallest scratch can be the most obnoxious. If you want to get one out of your beloved hardwood floor, you can follow a few simple steps to make your rooms look cleaner and more polished.

Regardless of what new chore you choose to explore this week, share your hard work with the community by using the #365FirstsChallenge hashtag and tagging us in your post! We also invite you to join us in the #365FirstsChallenge Facebook Group where you can get support, encourage, and assistance with all your first times and new experiences and join in the conversation to help others!

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