This Week We Challenge You To Try a Game First

This week we challenge you to a #GameFirsts — whether that’s an outdoor game, board game, or video game, go ahead and try something new! Especially during quarantine, there’s no better time to gather the family together and explore new options.

Try an Outdoor Game

If you have a backyard or a local park (be aware of health precautions), there are a few games that make for an interesting time. For starters, spikeball is one of the most popular outdoor games. It’s reminiscent of volleyball, but much easier to carry around and set up.


You can also look into carnival games for inspiration in games such as beanbag tossing or horseshoe throwing, or buy large version of popular indoor games such as Jenga and Connect 4. But we understand if outdoor games may pose too much of a health risk for you or your family. So we also recommend you…

Try a Board Game

Board games are some of the best and easiest ways to spend time with a small group of people. While you could go back to some iconic classics such as chess, Monopoly, or Life, one of my personal favorites is Catan. Through strategic moves and tactical thinking, Catan encourages players to build the biggest settlement first. The best comparison is a rural version of Monopoly! Here’s a how-to video to start:

Given how the Internet is a more accessible and safer way to socialize, we also recommend you…

Try a Video Game

There’s a large variety of digital games, so if you’re just trying them out, we suggest looking into free mobile games or online gaming sites. If you’re ready to commit, we recommend Jackbox Games.

Jackbox Games offers a variety of multiplayer mini-games that you can buy in sets; it requires only one display screen while other players follow along through mobile devices. They’re composed of short, yet engaging rounds that bring a unique, competitive edge to multiplayer gaming.

Let us know what type of game you decide to try this week. Don’t forget to share your fun with the community by using the #365FirstsChallenge hashtag and tagging us in your post!

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