This Week We Challenge You To Try a Self Care First

Given the chaos of our current situation, it’s important to take care of your physical and mental health and well-being. There’s a spectrum of ways to participate in self-care: from starting to use affirmations, getting a massage (there are so many varieties to try), to practicing visualization and gratitude, journaling, or trying cryotherapy, infrared saunas, going for acupuncture or seeing a chiropractor, the ways to refresh and take care of ourselves are many and well worth exploring!

Today, we’ll specifically be talking about meditation. Meditation is a practice in training attention and awareness to achieve emotional stability and clarity. There are many forms of meditation, and can be either guided or unguided.

Though listing all of them would be exhaustive, a well-known form is Zen meditation, an ancient Buddhist tradition that aims to create a sense of presence through following the breath. Mantra meditation operates through a repeated mantra, creating vibrations to enter a state of meditation. Another example is sound bath meditation, during which instruments are used to create soothing vibrations to relax. While some of these can be followed at home through Youtube videos, others may be more difficult to recreate at home.

It may appear daunting to begin — and to decide which type you want to partake in — but trying basic meditation is a great way to start. Thus, we invite you to join us for an…

Introduction to Meditation Class

In this session, you will learn a new perspective of your current situation and how to let go of the thoughts generated from them. This class is not about learning how to breathe or suppress the thoughts; rather, this unique meditation method will teach you how to focus on cleaning up your thoughts to experience a quiet mind.

Sunhae Cho has been practicing meditation for 17 years, and has been an instructor for 9 years in the Metro New York Area, such as Manhattan, Flushing and Bayside. Currently, she is helping people at Bayside Meditation center ( Sunhae has helped hundreds of diverse people of all backgrounds make meditation part of their lifestyle.

Join us this Saturday at 11 a.m. PST/2 p.m. EST:

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