This Week We Challenge You To Try an Art First

What will it be? Writing? Drawing? Painting? Or something else? There’s no better time than now to try an #ArtFirsts; given the variety of art forms, there’s something for everyone.

Creative expression can be one of the most fulfilling, good for the soul, casual activities, so don’t be afraid if you’re not an expert or you don’t think you have talent! This isn’t about painting a Picasso or writing the next bestseller. No, this is about exploring something new and having fun with it.

Try Drawing

Whether that’s painting or sketching, this is probably the most accessible option to create art by yourself. If you choose this challenge, take some time to reflect what means a lot to you — your favorite animal, fictional character, or color — and look for inspiration online. You can even experiment with more abstract ideas, though those are more difficult to visualize.

A great site for art inspiration is Pinterest, an example of which I linked below. You can find beautiful art pieces that artists have uploaded based on your search.

Or you can create a collage and do your first vision board!

Try Writing

If you prefer verbal creative expression over visual, you can also look into writing. Another great choice for those quarantining at home by yourself, writing or reading about your feelings and thoughts can be therapeutic. This can manifest in the form of prose or screenplay, but my personal favorite written art is poetry.

There are a plethora of great poets to read, from classic poets like Walt Whitman to more modern ones like Rupi Kaur. I believe a good medium between these two styles is Carol Ann Duffy’s writing. In The World’s Wife, that twists classic fairytales into poems about her life. Below is an audio version of the poems in that collection:

The World’s Wife
― The World’s Wife

Check Out Online Resources

You may not be able to visit any museums or art shows to explore art in person, but the digital age provides multiple alternatives. Online art classes can be one option, but if you’re more interested in experiencing art than creating it, look no further than virtual tours for museums or art galleries.

One example is the National Gallery of Art, who has 3D viewings of each painting in its building. Take a look here.

Tell us about your creations or experiences, and share your art with the community by using the #365FirstsChallenge hashtag and tagging us in your post!

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