This Week We Challenge You to Try a Dance First

Every week we bring you a new first time challenge! Every week we bring you a new first time challenge! It’s our way to inspire and motive you to try something new. We also want to bring the #365FirstsChallenge community together so be sure to use the hashtag if you post about your first time on social media and feel free to tag us!

This week it’s a #DanceFirsts. Dancing is good for your health and great to boost your mood and spirit. It’s also super easy to do from home.

If he can…so can you!!


How do you begin?

First, decide what form of dance you want to learn: hip-hop, ballet, tap, or maybe ballroom?

Or you can learn a popular dance everyone is doing…or has done that you never did.

Or you can pick a dance from a different culture.

There are some many types, varieties, and possibilities!

Next, use online resources to your advantage to understand the fundamentals. Youtube has a plethora of dancers of all styles.

Finally, practice!

Make sure to show us your new dance moves with the community by using the #365FirstsChallenge hashtag and tagging us in your post!

Another Option is to Join Us for an Introduction to Tutting Class

You are invited to join us for a FREE Introduction to Tutting Class on Friday, July 3rd @ 4pm PST / 7pm EST via Zoom.

Tutting is a type of dance that involves intricate movements of the fingers (and arms). Tutters use creativity to interlock their arms and hands in unusual ways to move in unconventional ways. Here’s a sneak peek:

It’s dancing you can do without needing to get out of your chair, so it’s easily doable over Zoom!!

In this fun introductory class, you will learn a basic tutting combo. These basic tutting combinations will introduce you to the structured format in both movement and thinking. Meaning you will learn to make consecutive shapes with your hands…and not the generic square/rectangle type polygons. You will be moving your hands and arms in exciting new ways and in the end, we will put all of these steps together to do the routine in sync with the music.

The class will be taught by Akhil Turaga, a lover and teacher of Bollywood, Hip hop, fusion, and tutting dance styles. He has been dancing for 14 years and runs a dance studio with his mom in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tutting is a special and beautiful art to Akhil because he understands not everyone has the same ability to use their legs but everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves through dance. Dance is his passion and a big part of his identity so he wants to teach it and make it accessible to as many people as possible!!

We’re meeting via Zoom:

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