Top 7 Podcasts for Discovering First Times and New Experiences to Add to Your Life

This is our recommended list of the top 7 favorite “first time” podcasts which we think listening to will become a fantastic new experience in itself:

Are you a member of the camp that believes it’s better to have experiences than material things and possessions? Do you want stories to tell versus things that collect dust, take room in your home, and lose their value overtime?

Are you willing but not necessarily fully able to jump in this camp? Want some help, inspiration, and assistance?

We want to introduce you to top 7 podcasters who aim to inspire their audiences to step out of their comfort zones and try new things. The community of “new experience” podcasts, including our very own #365Firsts Podcast, has expanded rapidly and in endless different directions exposing all of the wonderful first time opportunities the world has to offer. 

This is our recommended list of the top 7 favorite “first time” podcasts which we think listening to will become a fantastic new experience in itself:

1. #365Firsts Podcast

Host: Ann Bernard

Not to toot our own horn, but the #365Firsts Podcast is the place to be for all things first times and new experiences. The host, Ann Bernard, is the Master of First Times and the creator of the #365FirstsChallenge. The anti-bucket list leader herself. She’s changing everything about how we view, understand, add first times and new experiences in our lives, and maximize what we gain from them. 

Besides the host, what makes this my top choice is the quantity, quality, and variety of content to select from on the #365Firsts Podcast. You can listen to Ann’s first time stories – everything from her first encounter with a black bear, skydiving, windsurfing, car accident, to becoming a platoon commander for the first time. (Did I mention she’s a Marine…)

There’s also the Expert Advice Before Your First Time Series (Season 1) where Ann interviewed experts to get you prepared for a wide selection of first times such as: going on a cruise, getting engaged, attending SXSW, cohabitation, homebrewing beer, hiring a virtual assistant, raising money from investors and so much more.

Finally, recently added is the First Time Story Series where Ann interviews a guest who has a first-time story worth sharing, from a first time owning a professional women’s basketball team, thru-hiking the Appalachian trail, traveling to Egypt alone at 17 and so much more. 

Ann asks all the right questions along the way to help recreate the exciting, scary, nostalgic, and hilarious experiences of others vividly in your mind. There are several laughs to be had and tears to be shed as her guests candidly share their stories on the show, but each episode is sure to leave you feeling inspired to step out of your comfort zone and grow as a person through first time experiences of your own!

2. Experiences You Should Have

Host: Gail Lovelace Menasco

Calling all adventure and thrill-seekers! The Experiences You Should Have Podcast is all about living on the wild side, from skydiving to swimming with the sharks. Host Gail Lovelace Menasco brings us into her extraordinary world of exploring new countries, cuisines, and cultures. 

Menasco acknowledges the fact that there is only so much one person can experience in a lifetime, so she features captivating storytelling from both herself and special guests to give you the chance to experience both the bizarre and the breathtaking second-hand. 

These riveting stories are sure to motivate you to venture into the unknown and see the world from your own unique angle!

3. Time For Your Hobby

Host: Alex

When was the last time you made time for your hobby? If your answer is “I don’t remember”, host Alex of Time For Your Hobby has got you covered. Every week, Alex interviews a new guest who shares their personal hobby and how they accommodate the time and money for it in their daily lives. From collecting Pez dispensers to BMX racing, each guest brings a unique hobby to share, many of which you are likely to be hearing of for the first time. 

Alex actively interacts with his guests to help you gain a deeper understanding of how other people use their hobbies to improve their qualities of life, and what new activities exist that are waiting for you to try. 

He emphasizes the importance of making time for hobbies and not letting careers and mundane routines get in the way. If you are looking for the spark to explore a new hobby or rekindle your love for a past hobby, this podcast is for you!

4. First Time Triers

Hosts: Neil, Jon

Follow the journeys of Neil and Jon, a goofy duo in their thirties trying to catch up on all the new experiences they never had before.

In each episode, they try something new for the first time from Hot Yoga to Colonic Irrigation (gross!). Jokes apart, Neil and Jon truly serve as great role models for the idea that you are never too old to step out of your comfort zone. 

Whether they end up loving the experience or it becomes a complete flop, the two remind us of how any first time is always better with friends and can end up becoming a great memory to look back upon. 

Tune into First Time Triers for a good laugh and good company for trying things you never thought you would!

5. i tried it podcast

Host: Kristin Kruk

So we’ve covered shows for the fearless and the funny, but what about the folks who are looking for serious conversations about health, wellness, and spirituality?

Kristin Kruk’s I Tried it Podcast is the place to be. Kruk calls herself the “guinea pig” of her friend group, always forcing herself to dig deep into her creative side and bravely facing everything that comes her way. Through her experimentation, she has collected a plethora of stories that she now hopes to share with the world. 

Kruk and her special guests explore topics that are very personal to many, from poor relationships with food to connecting with loved ones who have crossed to the other side. This podcast is the perfect safe space to listen to the first experiences of others and learn from them if they are ever applicable in your life. 

6. The First Time

Hosts: Katherine Collette, Kate Mildenhall

If you have ever wanted to be a published writer, hosts Katherine Collette and Kate Mildenhall of The First Time have been in your shoes. 

This podcast follows the journey of these best friends and novelists in the making as they try to get their first books published. In each episode, they reach out to Australian writers to get the best advice on how to complete all the firsts that come with launching a book. There is so much to learn from the experts who appear on this show for anyone who has ever been interested in publishing a book, and the reality show aspect of the podcast provides genuine insight into the rigor of the process. 

Colette and Mildenhall openly discuss the highs and lows of the author life, but I can guarantee that you will feel more prepared than ever before to take on the challenge of writing with The First Time.

7. The SSR Podcast

Host: Alli Hoff Kosik

If you have writer’s block or are simply more into reading than writing, you are sure to enjoy The SSR Podcast.

In this refreshing and nostalgic podcast, host Alli Hoff Kosik challenges a guest to read a throwback novel for the first time, or reread one from their childhood that they may not remember. 

The guest then proceeds to come on the air with Alli to spill their guts on the emotions and opinions that arose during their retro read. From Percy Jackson to Peter Pan, you’re bound to find an episode on one of your favorite books, or get the motivation to go pick up a copy if you’ve yet to read it.

Alli’s adult analysis of the children and teen books will leave you with either side-splitting laughter or seething rage over the major plot holes that you may not have noticed as a child. If you were ever a book worm, this podcast will definitely make you see your favorite stories in a completely different light!

Although these are just a few of our favorite first time and new experiences podcasts, there are surely many more out there to discover on diverse topics catered directly to your interests. 

Here is the bottom line for any podcast in the first times and new experiences category: they are meant to inspire you to try something new, motivate you to take the necessary steps to make it happen, and give you the confidence to continue exploring new opportunities in life. So, go give these podcasts a listen and start your own journey of maximizing life through first times and new experiences!

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