Your Invitation to Start your Journey of First Times and New Experiences

It’s that time of the year, between Christmas and New Year, when some people are doing recaps, and top ten lists of what happened in 2019. And others are dishing out advice on how to make your New Year the best it can be. Are you considering New Year Resolutions? Or what are your tactics for choosing and planning your goals for 2020? Do you feel defeated before you even start because of past experiences? Are you stuck on where to begin in making your life more exciting, productive, and enjoyable than last year and the year before that?

Do you envy the likes of Luke Skywalker, Neo, Froto, Dorothy, Nemo, and Harry Potter for getting the challenge and opportunity to go on a quest, on a special journey? Do you want to be a chosen one? Do you wish there was a way for you to engage in and start your own journey that would lead to more adventure, growth, opportunities, learning, and new friends?

I’ve got good news for you and a special invitation!! 

Invitation to joint a journey of first times and new experiences

I’m here to propose a fun and inspiring alternative to you.

I’m here to roll-out the red carpet, blow the trumpets, and throw confetti in order to officially invite to start your very own Journey of First Times and New Experiences!! 

The journey starts in a regular world filled with regular people who begin to think and feel “There’s got to be more to life and being alive than this. I was created for more.” More than the routine, monotony, and the same old, same old, year after year. 

You feel the calling of the adventure, the need to explore, to break free, and discover more about who you are and what life has to offer. 

You are ready to step out of the norm, routine, and typical. You want to break the patterns. Step out of your comfort zones and be fully alive.

No need to pack your bags (just yet). It’s not quite that kind of journey – although, you’ll definitely find yourself in places you’ve never been before. 

Rolling out the red carpet for your journey of first times and new experiences

The Components of a Journey

What do all journeys have in common?

The Call For Adventure

They all start with a call for adventure – be it a desire that starts to burn in your soul or a recollection of a goal or a dream you had as a kid. You are bored, restless, and itching for something more. It could also be call from friends, family, or strangers for you to join them on their adventure.

Could be a blog or social media post. An official invitation, like the one I’m giving you.

The Starting Point

This is a clear demarcation point where you know you are committing and starting your journey. In the case of your Journey of First Times and New Experiences, it’s downloading the App and making your list. 

The Growth and Learning 

It wouldn’t be a worthwhile journey if you didn’t grow, learn, improve, and change while you’re on it and as a result of it. It’s the point of embarking on a journey. For you to be more, have more, and live more – you have to be willing and seeking to learn and grow. 

On your Journey of First Times and New Experiences – you’ll constantly be learning through exposure to novelty. You’ll acquire new skills and also be increasing your self-awareness, confidence, cognitive abilities, creativity, and spontaneity.

Components of Journey

Obstacles and Setbacks

Obstacles and setbacks happen on all good journeys. BUT they do not need to be negative experiences. How you frame what happens on your journey, dictates how much you’ll grow, learn, and gain from your journey. Obstacles and setbacks make for great stories, detours, the best memories, and even lots of fun. 

On you Journey of First Times and New Experiences – things won’t always go as planned but that’s when the most learning, growing, and adventuring will happen!


Even if you start your journey alone – you will not stay that way. All good journeys attract and involve many characters and people. There are those who arrive to join you, help you, teach you, challenge you, and encourage you. You gain allies, friends, and companions. 

On your Journey of First Times and New Experiences – you have an entire community joining the same journey who support each other and a movement forming to encourage others to start on the journey. 

In 2020. Choose The Journey. 

You are chosen to have a journey of first times and new experiences

This journey is easy to start. All you have to do is download the #365FirstsChallenge App (iOS or Android) and start making your list of all the things you’ve never done before. You can choose from 30 categories that cover all aspects of exploring all that life has to offer.

Once you’ve downloaded the App, you’ll receive a series of Newsletter – filled with tips, guidance and advice. Ten days later, you’ll get your very own My Journey of First Times and New Experiences Journal for more information on how to maximize your journey and what you can gain from it.

Always use and look for the #365FirstsChallenge hashtag to discover others who are also on their journey and find ways to help, encourage, and support each other!!

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